21st May, the Global #AntiChevron Day of Action is coming

21st May, the Global #AntiChevron Day of Action is coming May 10, 2019 The Chevron case in the Ecuadorian Amazon is paradigmatic in the struggle against corporate impunity. It's also linked to the struggle against ISDS, and for the UN Binding Treaty on Transnational...

Forward ever backward never

April 25, 2019 Wednesday, May 1st Toronto May 1 International Workers' Day 5PM at Toronto City Hall [100 Queen Street West] Followed by the *FREE* United May Day Celebration Saturday, May 4th 6:30PM at the United Steelworkers Hall [25 Cecil Street] Speakers &...

Say No to Media Lies on Venezuela

Say No to Media Lies on Venezuela#HandsOffVenezuelaInternational call for local actions Apr. 19-20. March 30, 2019 The corporate media, far from being a venue of truth, is a tool to advance the interests of the United States government war machine. The vast majority...

The Other Venezuela

The Other Venezuela March 28, 2019 The mainstream media has been obsessed with Venezuela for weeks, and not in a good way. Its infatuation with the "humanitarian crisis" and opposition has left Venezuelans who defend their country's sovereignty and elected government...

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