About Common Frontiers

Common Frontiers is a multi-sectoral working group which confronts, and proposes an alternative to, the social, environmental and economic effects of economic integration in the Americas.

We do this through a combination of research, analysis and action, in cooperation with labour, human rights, environmental, church, development and economic and social justice organizations

Common Frontiers grew out of the experience gained by Canadian organizations in confronting the Free Trade agenda. It was born out of the popular opposition movement to the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and the recognition that this opposition must not only cooperate across sectors nationally but also across borders. Common Frontiers went on to play an important strategic role in the struggle against NAFTA and is now helping to build the opposition to the Free Trade Area in the Americas (FTAA).

We are also actively seeking to create alternatives to this agenda. In this, as in the opposition to the Free Trade agenda, the ability to work in solidarity with Latin America and U.S. has been crucial. The result has been an extraordinary experience in cross-border social movement building.

Common Frontiers provides a forum for groups to discuss issues, strategize and coordinate campaigns. Active Canadian groups include: